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A School Library at your fingertips

The students of Kendriya Vidyalaya Pattom can now access the resources and services of their school library on their own mobile phones while sitting safe at home. The school has recently launched a mobile phone interface for its library, created by using a bio link tool. The initiative aims to reach out to a large number of students of the school who use their mobile phones to attend online classes. It not only provides online resources to support classroom learning but also makes students get relaxed and spend their free time effectively.

This online library at your fingertips provides access to digital collections of e-books, virtual exhibitions, curriculum resources and other useful e-contents. There are links to the library catalogue, audio library, e-magazine, library blog, webinars, home works, and career-related information.

The focus of attraction on this online library is a set of curated digital content that has been updated on a daily basis. This includes book talks by students, storytelling sessions, podcasts of original soundtracks, pages of books & authors, quizzes on different topics, selected websites, puzzles, newspaper quiz, this day in history,  inspiring speeches, songs from KV Pattom Karaoke, short films and documentaries. Every weekend a short film is screened special as ‘Sunday short film’. 

Interactive reading engagement activities are regularly conducted by the library using web-learning tools like Padlet, Wakelet and Flipgrid. Links to the social media pages and youtube channel of the library are also provided. The users can ask reference questions and submit their feedback using the given links.

The library link is kept open for all students and the public.  Anyone can visit the library page that may be simply added or bookmarked to the home screen of their smartphone to access it in the future. KV Pattom Library on phone has become popular among students and so far received more than 20,000 views and 25000 clicks.

To access the library, visit  https://linktr.ee/librarykvpattom with your smartphone.

If you are a librarian and like to create a Linktree for your Library, you may watch this video.

Courtesy: www.slaindia.org


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