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A Digital Literacy initiative (2018) to improve General Knowledge and Digital Literacy skills of students through online information search, content creation, collaboration, sharing and multimedia learning. And unknowingly, making students use the buffer time available during the lunch break to gain General Knowledge. Know more


Little Open Library (LoLib)

Little Open Library (LOLib) is an open, free and voluntary community book exchange initiative, launched by the Library of Kendriya Vidyalaya Pattom in 2017. The prime objective of LOLib is to share one’s favourite books with the community. Anyone may take a book from the LOLib. But she or he has to leave a book in return, which may be taken by someone. You are welcome to exchange any number of good books in this Little Open Library. Know more

Read my buddy

Read my Buddy

‘Read my Buddy‘ (RmB) is a collaborative reading programme (2017) aimed at transforming moderate readers into fervent readers and helping them to become better learners, through mentoring by peers and teachers. Know more


Face a Book Challenge

Face a Book (FaB) Challenge is a summer reading programme (2013) to promote reading habit during the summer holidays , followed by  continuous and yearlong activities to evaluate its effectiveness. Know more


Gift a Book & Get a Friend

Library-Social Connect is a social responsibility programme (2013). The main objective of this programme is to connect students with the society through libraries and books. Many activities have been organized under this project to reach the objective.Know more


Library Junction

Where Minds meet and Ideas pop up !

An online Academic Social Network launched in 2010 by the Library Media Centre at Kendriya Vidyalaya Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. Visit the website

InfoLit India

Information Literacy Project for School Students. Know more

e-Reading Hub

With 10 kindle e-readers and thousands of e-books. Inaugurated in 2014.

Drop Everything And Read (D.E.A.R.)

A whole school mass reading programme.

Library Walk


Library Blog

Launched in Sept 2007. First school library blog in India. Receives more than 3000 hits everyday. Received more than 6.6 Million hits so far  A successful model for the effective integration of library services with web 2.0 (Library 2.0). Blogs are now made mandatory for all KV Libraries around the country. Visit the Blog

Home works and Assignments online

Launched in 2008. Provides 24/7 access to student’s school home works and assignments. Enhances collaboration between students and teachers. It helps the students who are on leave. Followed by a large number of CBSE schools in and out side the country. Won the award for Best Integration of Technology in Education in 2009. Now made mandatory for all KVS. Visit the Blog


The first e-magazine published by any School in the country. Launched in 2008. Now made mandatory for all KVs. Read the E-Magazine

Social Media Channels

Biggest Fan following in the country among school social media channels. Library Facebook Page (2350 Likes/2343 Followers), School Facebook Page (6405 Likes/6411 Followers), Library Twitter Account (673 Followers), It’s my Library Facebook Page (833 Followers) and Library YouTube Channel

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