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Social Media for Education: When the first KV Facebook page crosses 10K Followers

A moment to believe in dreams!

Back in April 2011, when I presented the idea of creating a Facebook page for KV Pattom, it was termed and welcomed (with a pinch of salt) as an experiment to harness the power of social media for education. We moved on with interesting content and live updates to inform and inspire our students, teachers, parents and alumni. Kumaran Chermpala Puthanveed Sir was there as Principal to support and guide. The page gradually became the face of the Vidyalaya and reached out to a large number of people who wanted to know more about KV Pattom, one of the premier KVs in the country. The Page got momentum in the following years with untiring support from Neerada Suresh mam and Ajay Kumar sir. Golden Jubilee year celebrations during 2014-’15 and other events taught the admnis new ways to gain more views, reach, likes and followers on this robust social media platform. The page has been serving as a tool to inform all stakeholders about what’s happening in the school and receiving their immediate feedback to improve and update the teaching learning process. Now, when the page crossed10000 followers in December 2022 and became the most followed Kendriya Vidyalaya (school) Facebook page in the country, it’s a wonderful moment for the social media team of KV Pattom to thank everyone for their huge support and inspiration. Thank you.

In 2017, KVS launched its official Facebook page and all KVs around the country started creating their own pages.

Happy to be a part of the experiment that set standards and became a predessor.


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