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A Library of Sounds

Listening to an audio story needs less effort than reading a story published in a book. And when your students are over burdened with academic assignments, it will be a handy option for you to share good playlists with them and make them listen to it when they are free.

A number of free and paid podcasting platforms are available including the best one Anchor. When I thought about creating an Audio Library for students, my first aim was to curate and share some original soundtracks available and then to upload some audio files created by our own children. So, I chose an easy option, Sound Cloud, an online audio distribution platform and music sharing website.

The main attraction with SoundClod was that the site already hosts a large number of audio files uploaded by people and companies/organizations. I started creating playlists with the original soundtracks of Mahatma Gandhi. The effort was fruitful. Then I went for APJ Abdul Kalam, Nehru, and so on. A collection of greatest speeches, stories for kids, selected stories by Tagore, Tolstoy, Roal Dahl, Sudha Murty, Ruskin Bond, Premchand, Jeronimo Stlton, National Anthems, Community songs, etc were also created. A collection ‘KV Pattom Storytellers’ was also created from the audio stories told and recorded by the students.

One suggestion, when you create a playlist, listen to each track that you want to add, because there may be some tracks with mixed content that will not be the originals.

Visit the Audio Library here


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