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Redesigning in-service training programmes

Collins Dictionary defines ‘in-service traing’ as the training that is given to employees during the course of employment. Like teachers, librarians in KVS also have to undergo an in-service training programme of 21 days to update their professional knowledge and skills and as a pre-requesite to be qualified to get upgradations in payscales.

In January 2023, 46 librarians from nine Regions of KVS participated in a 21 day in-service course held at Zonal Institute of Education and Training (ZIET), Chandigarh. This year’s training was with a difference. A thorough updation of content wiith inclusion of new modules and projects. The orientation programme for resource persons held at ZIET Mumbai in the second week of January laid a solid foundation for the course. Each participant had to create a digital portfolio depicting the progress of the course and recording his /her genuine reflections about the content and delivery of sessions.

Shri Mukesh Kumar, DC & Director, ZIET led the team of Associate Course Director Shri Tek Chand and Shri Sunil Saini, the faculty librarian of ZIET & the coordinator. Mr Adesh Kumar was the other resource person besides me.

The in-service training programme demands frequest updation in content and structure in view of the day to day changes happen in the fields of librarianship, teaching and learning.

You may visit the course blog here to get more details.


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