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Teachers, the real missing links in a School Library

Teachers, the real missing links in a School Library!

For many school librarians, this may seem to be an offhandedly made statement. Traditionally, the most important patron of a school library is the student. Almost all the programmes are planned and intended to cater the needs of learners. In between, there are some teachers, who keep good personal connections with the librarian. They will appear and disappear during the library programmes and directly or indirectly support them. The number of these teachers will be normally 0 to 5 %. The remaining 95 % of teachers are less considerate about the things happening in a school library and what a librarian does every day. They are the missing links in a school library and which will in due course diminish the overall impact it has to be made upon the academic environment in the institution.

Why the librarians couldn’t connect with the teachers and welcome them as they do with the students? Why the school libraries couldn’t be welcome spaces for teachers too? Yes, libraries, where collaboration is not a key word, will miss this very important link, the Teachers. There are wonderful opportunities before a school librarian to involve the teachers in library programmes. But, the first stumbling block before them is making the teachers enter the library!

Read this very interesting article on the topic by Hilda K. Weisburg published on her blog https://hildakweisburg.com.



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