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‘Little Open Library’ and about sharing your favourite books with people

‘Little Open Library’ is a concept which sprang up from the ‘open’ movement and inspired by the ‘Little Free Library’ movement. The information and knowledge of the universe should be shared among the people. The best way to share knowledge is still through books. So the LOLibs. The Little Open Library invites everyone to take books from it but with one condition, that they have to deposit another book in the place of the book they have taken. The library comnects people through books and reading. If you have a book to share, keep it in any LOLib, their must be a reader. It is also based on one of the historic Five Laws of Library Science, that, every book its reader. It is the right of each book to get its reader. Let the books have their readers and let everyone should get his/her favourite book.


One comment on “‘Little Open Library’ and about sharing your favourite books with people

  1. Vineet
    January 13, 2018

    Dear Sir, I have been following your blogs and would like to congratulate you on the great work which you are doing. Thanks for all your efforts !!!

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