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Sharing School Library Ideas

Here is the new avatar of a blog “Library Cloud”, which I had created in 2010, with an objective to gather ideas for school librarians. This new blog, simply named as “School Library Ideas” (SL Ideas), with the urlhttps://schoollibraryideas.wordpress.com, will act as a platform for school library professionals to share their ideas, tips, tricks, tools, techniques or anything which they think will ‘work’ in school libraries.

You may post your practical school library ideas directly on this blog (for that you need a WordPress account). If not, message your interest to receive an invitation to become a contributor to the Blog (I will be thankful for that). For simple minded library people, just mail your school library idea to libidea@gmail.com.

Let us share and collaborate to learn and excel.

School Library Ideas: https://schoollibraryideas.wordpress.com


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