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‘Read my Buddy’: a collaborative peer reading programme

‘Read my Buddy‘ (RmB) is a collaborative reading programme aimed at transforming moderate readers into fervent readers and helping them to become better learners, through mentoring by peers and teachers.


  1. To transform moderate readers into fervent readers through a guided and collaborative reading approach.
  2. To understand and assess the reading habit and skills of a student through creating a Reading profile.
  3. To find and apply strategies to improve the reading and learning skills of a moderate reader who also may be a slow learner.
  4. To provide personalized learning support to all participants by seamlessly giving access to required information resources available in and outside the library.
  5. To collaborate with teachers for mentoring the participants and make them perform better in scholastic and non-scholastic areas.
  6. To promote collaborative learning in a library oriented learning environment.
  7. To make reading an enjoyable and lifelong activity by connecting two likeminded people.

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