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National e-Library for Teachers and Students

index“In order to empower school teachers and students, a national e-library will be established.”

This is from the President’s address to both Houses of Parliament, delivered on 9 June 2014. Read the Full Text here
Assessing or understanding the importance and role of School Libraries in one’s life long learning and at the same time taking the stock of school libraries around the country. These are two connected points where our collective intelligence never put it’s weight. We will talk hours about the deplorable status of higher education system and the non appointment of University Librarians. But, when somebody raise the issue of the absence of Libraries in Schools, or the need for qualified Librarians in Schools, there will be no responses or even quality discussions.

The organization, structure and modalities of the proposed National e-Library for Teachers and Students are not clear yet. But it is highly appreciable that the new Government is taking some very essential but crucial steps to revamp the system. This e-Library, if realized with global standards, will redesign the entire School Education System and take the students to new heights, with access to  quality information and knowledge.  Hope that the proposed library may be implemented considering all global parameters.


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