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Welcoming “E-Granthalaya” to KV Libraries


E-Granthalaya (version 3.0), eG-3, was the library management software discussed in detail, in the second phase of In-service course for librarians held at KVS, ZIET Mysore from 22-28 March 2010. Since KV libraries have been demanding for a unified LMS for the last many years in vain and libraries using different software, the interoperability and networking of all KV libraries will remain as a dream. The new version of E-Granthalaya enters in this vacuum.

The eG-3 has been installed and managed in  many KV libraries in Delhi and nearby regions. Since the software is from NIC (National Informatics Centre, Govt. of India), and distributed free of cost to  govt. institutions, there exists no issues of buying and accounting. The installation is easy. The NIC has a dedicated team of people for service and  an user can discuss and solve issues through the  e-granthalaya email forum.

From the feedback received from the participants, the main issues faced by the KV librarians with eG-3 are,

  1. eG-3 can’t be installed on Windows Vista/7 home/business editions ( Many libraries run on pre- installed Vista OSs.). If the software can made compatible with the these OS that will be very helpful to many.
  2. The eG-3 uses a separate document classification system which is alien to many. KV libraries are directed to follow the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system, which is the most popular and widely used Library classification scheme around the world. If the software can incorporate DDC in its accession module (the first three DDC summaries with some local variations are enough for school libraries) along with an auto find, that will make the eG-3 the best software for many academic libraries.
  3. Starting eG-3 call centres in every region / cluster of regions. This was a good idea proposed by an NIC resource person. If all the KVs are directed to install the software, then there should be a mechanism to clear the problems and a librarian from each region could be act as an eG-3 resource person.

Let’s hope more and more libraries will move on with eG-3 and the dream for an unified LMS will become a reality.


One comment on “Welcoming “E-Granthalaya” to KV Libraries

  1. Ram Kumar Matoria
    February 14, 2011

    Dear All,

    Being the developer of e-Granthalay Software..i wish to answer the above feedback

    1. e-Granthalaya can also be inplemented in Windows Server 2008 and Win 7 . There is no any issue. We have a separate CD for Win 7
    2. e-Granthalaya doen not provide any classification scheme of its own..it is not adhere to any classficiation scheme…rather it provides space/field for CLASS NO and BOOK NO where library needs to fill the data of their own.. We can not provided the full DDC schedule in the database as it is proprietary in nature and secondly, not all the libraries using DDC. so user needs to fill the classification data
    3. We will do something for call centre for post implementation help



    Ram Kumar Matoria

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