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International Conference on Children’s Libraries (ICCL) 2010


Building a Book Culture – this is the theme for the International Conference on Children’s Libraries (ICCL) 2010 which is to be held at New Delhi from 4 to 6 of February 2010, organised by the Association of Writers and Illustrators for Children (AWIC) and the Indian Section of the International Board on Books for young people (IBBY).

As mentioned on the conference webpage, the aim of the event is to discuss the potential and scope of libraries in strengthening the book culture. Many thematic papers are there to be presented. One difference from other LIS conference is that no papers were invited from the participants. They can come, hear the presentations and interact with others in the conference. Yes, different organizations have different perspectives.

The topics are interesting and I am waiting for the deliberations following. But, where are e-publishing, e-books and their impact on reading? And where we discuss the dimensional changes happening and the raise of new management models in publishing and communication due to the advent of web 2.0?

The conference webpage is on the event section of AWIC website. The page is static and my experiments to contact through the e-mail id given there failed despite repeated attempts.

Let’s hope that the conference will be a dynamic one.


One comment on “International Conference on Children’s Libraries (ICCL) 2010

  1. महेश
    January 3, 2010

    हैलो सर कैसे हो

    महेश कुमार यादव

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