S. L. Faisal

Librarian, Blogger, Dreamer…

KVLNetwork: Connecting KV Librarians for future through the web 2.0 way


More than 950 schools and nearly 900 Librarians, it was not an easy task. Connecting the Librarians physically means loosing yourself in the desert ( many such experiments failed). But, web 2.0 made it possible through a handy tool, ‘Online social networking’. Ning was the platform. There was the birth of “Kendriya Vidyalaya Librarians’ Network”, an online social network with a lot of handy and manageable tools. For some it was just like ‘orkut for professionals’. Enthusiasm led some others to the site. But it started working through its blog posts, discussion forums, photos, RSS and web links. Now the KVLNetwork has more than 135 working and Professional Kendriya Vidyalaya librarians as active members and six guest members. issues are  discussed here with regular and varied inputs from the members. On their pages the members can upload photos and reports of their library/professional activities. Also there are links to more than 25 KV Library blogs.

Now the KV Librarians in India have a platform to share their ideas and views and remain friends. Along with the blog ”Kendriya Vidyalaya Library Web pages”, this network may brighten their minds and harness workable and innovative ideas which leads to some change in Indian School Librarianship. Let’s hope for the best.


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