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Remembering the legends


Remembering the legends is always inspiring. Reminiscing Dr. S.R.Ranganathan and  his disciple, Prof. K.A.Isaac’s epochal contributions to Indian LIS is creatively provoking and at the same time essential. The event was Prof. K A Isaac Commemoration Lecture at DLIS, University of Kerala, organized by Kerala Library Association on 21st October 2009.

This year’s lecture was on the topic “Library and Information System in India: Future prospects”, delivered by one of Dr. S.R. Ranganathan’s Research Assistant and Former Head, British Council Libraries in India, Shri P. Jayarajan. The lecture was well organized and beautifully presented. Shri. P. Jayarajan’s observations on the need to increase the power of  librarian’s adaptation to the ever changing technologies were very relevant. He also shared his experiences with Dr. S.R. Ranganathan and Prof. K A Isaac, who was his teacher and mentor.

The concern regarding the absence of proper documentation on Prof. Isaac’s research materials and his dynamic speeches  on LIS was raised by Dr. A.Gopikuttan, HOD, DLIS, Univ. of Kerala. Indeed, I also faced this when searched for some images of the first Librarian and Professor of DLIS of Kerala University . There was virtually nothing on the web. DLIS or AADLIS can take some initiatives upon this, to fill the information gap.

One possible suggestion is crating web pages on these doyens (with images, tests and hyperlinks) on the AADLIS or KLA website (website of the Kerala university library is still a dream). I think AADLIS must consider this.

Prof. K A Isaac was my Guide in MLISc . I have been very proud about that rare gift.

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