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The in-service course was a memorable experience. Thirty Nine participants from Five Regions. Some joined last year, some to retire this year. All came for a cause. To expand their professional knowledge base to cope with the unlimited options and opportunities the users get in the ever changing world of information and communication technologies and tools.

In fact,  fourteen days were not enough to acquire the changes those happened in the previous six years. The section that in every six year the teacher will undergo the training may be modified by reducing the period to two or three years.

But at the same time, one point remains in the spot, that only KVS in the field of secondary education has a solid plan to train their employees. By providing all the facilities to keep the participants in a learning mood, the organization is doing a wonderful work.

The programme brought into light some unsolved questions such as the lack of basic ICT skills among the librarians, unwillingness to change the existing system, absence of basic infrastructure, non cooperation from the side of administrators, work load due to other duties, problems of one man show, absence to clear cut library guidelines and its proper evaluation, etc

KVS new library policy is definitely a milestone. But some sections should be reconstituted. There are vagueness in many points.  Exclusion of some important facts is a matter of concern. The resources of a library in an one session school is much different than that of a school having more than 3000 students and 175 staff. The pity is both libraries have a staff strength of only one library professional.

Anyway the course was a success. Library automation, digital library and web 2.0 were the main themes. Theoretical and hands on sessions were held by experts. The participants done all the projects and assignments with much enthusiasm. I think, they got some new ideas and experiences that will be influential in their future planning.

The course structure should be revamped. The area of school librarianship is much developed in many foreign countries. New modules such as Library programme, Information literacy, Library instruction and evaluation, collaborative project based learning,Library 2.0,  library advocacy, content management, digital reference, etc might get enough place in the new training schedules. India, emerging as a knowledge economy needs its school libraries to be restructured to make the new generation more dynamic and life long learners.

The ZIET Mysore keeps its track record as the most result oriented, planned, well managed and relevant training institution of KVS. The credit goes to the Director Sh. S.M.Saleem and his team.



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