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KLA Newsletter

Kerala Library Association (KLA) Newsletter, Vol 37 No.3-4, July- March 2009 released. The contents are well written with a formal twist towards public and academic (excluding School libraries). The existence of school libraries in Kerala is a virtual reality. It is there for some and not heard for many. Many commissions formed, reports submitted, and after all nothing happened. Students who  entered into LIS departments with a hope to get a job raised some slogans and gave up.

Developing information skills at secondary and higher secondary period is vital for a student to become a lifelong learner. It is evident on their academic achievement. Random visits to school library websites abroad and IASL activities show that school libraries matter.

Here in India, we are lagging behind and just in the case of automation we will catch the horse fifteen or twenty years later.

For the time being just sit, watch and be surprised what they are doing.


One comment on “KLA Newsletter

  1. Vinayan H
    July 29, 2009

    excellent site!

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