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DC Books, MDP for Librarians, Thrissur

DC Books organised its fourth Management Development programme for Librarians in Thrissur on 21st June 2009.

The theme was Web 2.0 environments, emerging IT tools, and other trends

In the inaugural session Mr. Siddharth Vijayakrishnan from Google India talked about Web 2.0 and its relevance.The presentation was informative.

Being a new topic, Web 2.0 is catching up the imagination of many. One of the offshoot, Library 2.0 is our concern. India is lagging behind many strides on this area of conversation, communication and collaboration.

Other sessions by Mr. Santhosh Kumar, CUSAT on Networking and webhosting and by Mr.K Rajasekharan, KILA on Emerging Information Technologies Useful for Information Managers were also ok.

Networking in the area of information management is a very important area which is neglected by Library professionals. The session dealt with the basics. But it is not enough. Only knowing the basics will lead nowhere. We have to go beyond and study the real life situations.

In the era of sharing and collaboration networking seems to be the heart of Web 2.0  and eventually Library 2.0

Next session A Case Study on Information Management in the Web 2.0 Environment by Mr. Aby Tellas, DCSMAT was very relevant. case study method in management is very effective in libraries also. Mr. Arun Kishore, Librarian, DCSMAT also strssed upon that matter on a private chat.

I also agree with him. We have to incorporated these methods of management studies in our LIS curriculum.

Moodle, the Course Management System for Collaborative Learning’
was the next session taken by mr. Arun Kishore.

The potency of this free CMS is enormous. In an E-environment we can use CMSs in many ways. The presentation was very good and encouraging.

The last session People Skills for Librarians by Mr. Anand Prakash Scotlin D., reminded the participnts about the need for people skills in daily life and in profession. His way of presentation was nice.

I would say,the fourth MDP was good. But there are many miles to go.

Some suggestions:

-Reduce the number of sessions

-One session (main theme) is enough pre lunch.

-Resource persons should be selected from the concerned area with utmost care. Their twist towards libraries and librarians may be an added attraction.

-Time management.

I hope Web 2.0 will be followed by Library 2.0


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