S. L. Faisal

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Reaching the Users Where They Are.

Library Blogs as information dissemination,
interactive communication and collaborative learning tool in the Web 2.0 era


Web 2.0 technologies provide many user friendly and interactive tools such as blogs,                                    wikis, RSS, Instant Messaging, pod casting, social book marking, etc. those can be utilized
by a library to reach the users at their own spaces. The new age libraries become more
interactive, human and participatory in nature and have the content generated by the
users. Blogoshere is a cloud of user bases where the Library 2.0 experiments are taking
place. Blogs are easy to set up, user friendly and free or low cost web 2.0 technology
products which can be effectively used to publicize library resources and services to the
new generation users those have been online for a large part of their life. Feedback and
comments facilities on the blogs help better communication between the library and the
users. Web searching interfaces and reading or book related activities incorporated in the
blogs will promote user’s information skills and reading habits. It also enhances
communication and collaborative learning abilities. Targeted and planned use of Blogs will
increase the visibility of the library and equip the library professional with new

(Presented at The National Seminar on the Role of School Libraries in Quality Education, NCERT, New Delhi, 10-11 February 2009)


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